Three creatives with a workshop

and a lot of friends.

Delivering original and truly valuable content lies in the approach. We like learning new things and applying the knowledge to what we do. We believe in mixing and remixing. We also like people and collaboration. When a classically trained graphic artist that’s passionate about film works alongside a copywriter that loves doing animation, wonderful things can happen.

Dan Ioan Cernăianu

Founder/Art Director

Dan founded the studio back in 2013 after finishing his MA in Graphic Arts at the National University of Arts, Bucharest. He is specialized in branding and loves the challenge of bringing visual sense to new concepts and ideas. He is an art lover, a movie buff and has a particular affinity for illustration and ultimately anything visual.

He prefers brainstorming ideas or providing visual consultancy whilst playing tennis rather than over coffee. You can challenge him to a match!


  • Andrei Morariu
    Andrei Morariu Actor
  • Bogdan Costea
    Bogdan Costea Architect
  • Andreea Verde
    Andreea Verde Content creator
  • Andrei Ruxanda
    Andrei Ruxanda Writer
  • Serban Mocanu
    Serban Mocanu Designer
  • Andrei Purcarea
    Andrei Purcarea Voice Over
  • Mihai Bivol
    Mihai Bivol Videographer @ HaiHai Productions
  • Andrei Cristian Ticuleanu
    Andrei Cristian Ticuleanu Content writer
  • Laurentiu Gavadia
    Laurentiu Gavadia web-designer & developer